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Full service provider for the additive industry

Premium additives for all petroleum products

We aim to be a full service provider that can deliver everything our clients may ask, be it doping, transport or courier services and everything in between. 

No requests are to bold, we enjoy the challenge! 

Our team consists of an ever increasing group of highly trained professionals of different nationalities across Europe.

Our fleet of specially designed and owned tank trucks allows us to meet the additives needs of terminals, refineries and vessels in the safest and quickest way possible.

Our trucks and containers can deliver in whichever packaging requested. For deliveries to terminals we use our own flow meter which makes it possible to dope vessels during loading with very high accuracy even when delivering additives with tank container.

From initial order to completion of the a task, our clients can be assured the entire process is handled only by a SOS professional engineers, no middlemen, no subcontractors.

Shipping solutions

Having our own trucks as well as close cooperation with other transport companies gives us the possibility to deliver anywhere in Europe on short notice.

Apart from deliveries with trucks we can assist with sample shipments by car or plane. Our goal is to always offer the quickest and most cost effective service on the market.

How can we help?

In need of addatives, a full service provider with it’s own transport and engineers, who can deliver quick and trusted?