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Safety is our top priority.

As an ISO 9001 (Quality) and a VCA* (Safety, Health and Environment) certificate holder we are committed to constant improvement of the safety of our engineers and those working in our vicinity.

Our engineers are trained the latest safety standards and are regularly audited ensure our strict protocols are maintained. Safety and environmental concerns we hold dearly and it dictates every element of our service.
Our fleet of specially designed and owned tank trucks allows us to meet the additives needs of terminals, refineries and vessels in the safest and quickest way possible. From initial order to completion of the a task, our clients can be assured the entire process is handled only by a SOS professional engineers, no middlemen, no subcontractors.

This philosophy gives us full control over the quality of our services, as well as drive our constant pursuit of the highest standard for a safe working environment.


The best equipment to keep our employees safe

We have our own pump engineers that are fully trained professionals with permits to work on all major terminals in the ARA. Our engineers use only the best equipment that is fully certified and serviced on a regular basis to minimize the risk of incidents.

We meet the hardest requirements

All SOS employees are equipped according the latest safety standards and will meet the hardest requirements on the market. Safety of our engineers and our partners is always a top priority.

In case of incidents we have agreements with expert spill containment companies to ensure that any issues are dealt with in the most professional way possible.

Management quality certified

Safety & environmental certified

Independent safety controller certified