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Founded in Sweden.
Trusted worldwide.

Scandinavian Oil Services AB was founded in 1996 and focused mainly on treating water contaminated oil being stored in Swedens many caverns.

As the company grew, we invested heavily in the lastest equipment and our focus was switchedto the international markets, naturally leading to establising a storage hub in Rotterdam. 

Today, we have strategically located 5 hubs worldwide, from which we can service our clients within the shortest amount of time possible.

We aim to be the best service provider on the market!

Our team of engineers and trucks enables us to provide an unequalled level of service. In addition to supplying additives, we can assist with courier services, lab blends, quality certifications and anything in between.

24 hours a day, every day of the year, we are on standby to deliver any products or services. No request is too bold, we cherish the challenge!

Nearly 30 years of experience in the oil additive industry. We're a trusted party worldwide.

hours is all we need to deliver throughout Europe, and off course we deliver worldwide.

Main storage hubs, strategically located so we can service worldwide

dedicated employees all over the world, to make sure you have the best service

Our products

We offer additives for all petroleum products on the market. We hold stock of a number of common additives, other more specialised products we can order and deliver on short notice.

We offer choice for each category of additives, in order to guarantee we can supply the right additive treatment. Enabling us to balance between performance and treat cost.


Locations and services

We have several major storage locations of which Rotterdam is the main hub from where most majority of our products are supplied. In order to vouch for quick deliveries we also keep stock in Gothenburg, Malta and Cyprus to supply the Nordic and Mediterrean regions respectively.

From our storage in Lomé we supply WAF with mainly gasoline additives.

24 hours a day, every day of the year, we are on standby to deliver any products or services. No request is too bold, we cherish the challenge!

Highly trained professionals

Our team consists of an ever increasing group of highly trained professionals of different nationalities across Europe. Our fleet of specially designed and owned tank trucks allows us to meet the additives needs of terminals, refineries and vessels in the safest and quickest way possible. From initial order to completion of the a task, our clients can be assured the entire process is handled only by a SOS professional engineers, no middlemen, no subcontractors.

This philosophy gives us full control over the quality of our services, as well as drive our constant pursuit of the highest standard for a safe working environment.