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Nearly 30 years
of experience.
On call 24/7.

Premium addatives
for all petroleum products

We are a specialist producer, supplier and blender of additives for the oil industry. We deliver worldwide. In Europe, we deliver within 48 hours.

Scandinavian Oil Services has nearly 30 years of experience working on vessels, terminals and refineries which makes us the ideal partner in additives to correct or upgrade any parameters of your petroleum product.

We aim to be a full service provider that can deliver everything our clients may ask, be it doping, transport or courier services and everything in between. No requests are to bold, we enjoy the challenge.

At your service

Scandinavian Oil Services AB’s ambition is to cater for every need our clients might have. Apart from doping services we can assist with everything from sample taking to courier services.

We have our own highly trained professional team, plus a specially designed & owned tank truck fleet. From order to completion of the task, you can be assured everything is handled solely by SOS professional engineers – to make sure you’ll receive the best possible service.

Our products

We offer additives for all petroleum products on the market. Most of the additives we keep in stock, other more specialized products we can order and deliver on short notice.

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Nearly 30 years of experience in the oil additive industry. We're a trusted party worldwide.

hours is all we need to deliver throughout Europe, and off course we deliver worldwide.

Main storage hubs, strategically located so we can service worldwide

dedicated employees all over the world, to make sure you have the best service